Vacation Bible School

April 27, 2017

CALLING ALL VBS HEROES to First United Methodist Church in Hemphill

Cokebury’s VBS HERO CENTRAL is designed to introduce students to a deeper relationship with God through Jesus Christ.  This VBS is based on the Bible and the gospel of the living Christ.

* Students will discover their strength in God

           *Explore God’s mission for their lives

*Encounter epic adventures alongside biblical heroes

*Realize qualities that make them truly heroes in God


While at VBS, children learn Bible stories, meet new types of people, have a good time with friends, and enjoy fun activities they can’t have at home.  At VBS, children learn Bible verses, act out Bible stories, sing contemporary Biblical music, watch, and participate in skits, create crafts, play games in recreation, discover science activities, and have a healthy snack.

VBS also offers an opportunity for adults to grow as servant-leaders. There are many ways you can participate and help:

1) Pray.  Pray now that volunteers continue to come forward.  Pray for children to come.  Pray that we fulfill the opportunity to minister to the children.

2) Volunteer. Volunteer to help with creating decorations, providing supplies, preparing materials, taking photos, providing snacks/ snack ingredients, and of course, working with the children as a teacher or teacher’s helper.  There are many other ways not listed that you can volunteer.

3) Contribute.  Contribute with your prayers, your gifts, and your service.

Our VBS will be held on Monday, June 12 through Friday, June 16 from 9 a.m. to 12 noon Mark your calendars.  This is a wonderful opportunity for the children in Hemphill and Sabine County but also for your grandchildren who may visit you.  Call your children and share the dates; plan for your grandkids to share in VBS.  Let the VBS Directors, Janette and George Young, know so volunteers can be positioned in the best place.  The Youngs also need to know tee-shirt sizes for those working for VBS.

The craft leaders have asked for the congregation to save empty paper towel and TP rolls for a craft item for each budding hero.  Be aware of coming dates for a Decorating Party (color and cut out pictures, etc), of any snacks to be provided, and be certain to invite any children in your neighborhood or kids you know.  There will be classes for kids who are three by June 1st through kids going into the 6th grade.  Older students are wanted / welcomed / needed as volunteer youth helpers all week.

Our overall theme for Hero Central VBS is Psalm 34:14b, “Do Good! Seek peace, and go after it!”  In short, VBS is an invaluable opportunity to reach beyond the walls of FUMC into the heart of the community.  Won’t you help us?  Commit and pray for a successful year at VBS this summer.


Surf Shack worship presentation

June 19, 2016

vbs2016.worshipSome of the Surf Shack participants shared music, including the theme song, Shine Bright, during worship.

Surf Shack VBS mission project

June 19, 2016

vbs.mission2016Miss Donna challenged the Surf Shack attendees to gather enough nutritional snacks for 50 bags.

The participants stand in front of 75 S.A.N.D. bags. Awesome!!!


The S.A.N.D. bags (Snacks and Nutritional Delights) will be distributed by the Rainbow Room and our local Salvation Army, ensuring that Sabine County children will be able to have tasty, healthy meals.

The children who attended Surf Shack VBS learned that Jesus invites us to participate in the amazing experience of helping others. . .  and they did just that!

Surf Shack – VBS Day 4

June 16, 2016

God Calms


In the midst of activity, Mrs Gloria and Mrs Betty manage the Registration process with calm


Opening session with Mrs. DeSay, our music leader


The 3rd and 4th grade surfers listen and participate in Today’s Bible Story

Jesus Calms the Storm            Luke 8:22-25


Disciples (Ms. Lisa; Mrs. Peggy; Mrs. Carrie) and Jesus (Mr. George)


Mr. Arlie and Shay lead our recreation time


Pre-K & Kindergarten surfers enjoying snack time


Crafty 5th and 6th grade surfers


Reflection time with the 1st and 2nd grade surfers

Our VBS Mission for the Week

As disciples, we have an opportunity to help some children who don’t have the opportunity to eat tasty and healthy meals during the summer.  In VBS, the surfers are collecting nutritional snacks to make S.A.N.D. bags (Snack And Nutritional Delights).  These S.A.N.D. bags  will be distributed by the Rainbow Room and our local Salvation Army.  The goal for this week was 50 bags.  As of today, Thursday, we have collected enough nutritional delights for 50 S.A.N.D. bags  and many many more S.A.N.D. bags.


Surf Shack – VBS Day 3

June 15, 2016

Remember that the Lord is Great and Awesome!     Nehemiah 4:14b

God Loves!


Opening Assembly – Surfing!


1st and 2nd Grade Surfers – Bible Story Time


John the Baptist (r) baptizing Jesus (l) played by Marc & George


A big Thank You for all the great refreshments


3rd and 4th grade surfers in Crafts


5th and 6th grade surfers during Discovery


Pre-K and Kindergarten recapping the day’s activities during Reflection Time


VBS Surf Shack – Day Two

June 14, 2016

“God Helps”




1st and 2nd Grade surfers in Discovery with lots of bubbles


Pre-K and Kindergarten listening to the Bible story – Moses in the bulrushes


5th and 6th Grade surfers reflecting on today’s activities


1st and 2nd grade surfer Artists in Crafts


What a great looking group of Youth helpers!


A look at today’s Crafts


Surf Shack – Day 1

June 13, 2016


Catching the Wave of God’s Amazing Love


Discovery time with 1st and 2nd grade surfers


recreation with 5th and 6th grade surfers


Craft time for the 4 yr old and 5 yr old surfers


Snack time for the 3rd and 4th grade surfers