There’s a Song in the Air

December 21, 2017

As part of the FUMC tradition of Soup, Salad, and Song, the Pineywoods Pick’rs once again participated. Also, the Pineywoods Pick’rs were surprised when they arrived at the Hemphill Care Center for their final monthly performance. The residents chose them this year to receive the Volunteer of the Year Award for 2017.

Hemphill High School, Class of 2017, seniors honored

June 5, 2017

Thirty – Seventh (37th!) Senior Luncheon

The tradition of hosting the graduating seniors of Hemphill High School continues. Since 1980 the Methodist Women have provided a luncheon following the last graduation practice each May.   This year the luncheon was held on Wednesday, May 24.   It is a joy to interact with the seniors as they enjoy a last occasion to eat together before they embark on individual future plans. 

This year the congregation was invited to participate in congratulating these young people by writing a note or letter to someone selected at random. The cards were collected and with the gift of an FUMC writing pen were presented to each senior at the luncheon individually with good wishes and some hugs.  Thanks to all in the congregation who took part in this effort to identify personally with a senior. 

MW President Carole Teagle and Pastor Grant welcomed the class and Kazmine Godwin, one of the scholarship recipients and frequent attendee of FUMC gave the blessing before the meal.

The 74 seniors, their sponsors, senior teachers, and administrators enjoyed a bounty of food, beverages, and desserts. Such is the tradition as several teachers recalled their Senior Luncheon when they graduated from HISD.

Some of the many women who worked to decorate the fellowship hall and prepare the food worked quickly as students arrived. The 2017 senior class was extremely respectful and appreciative of the collective efforts of First United Methodist Church.



United Methodist Prayer for Families

May 22, 2017

In the United Methodist calendar, May is designated as Christian Home Month. Discipleship Ministries offers many resources to help families on their spiritual journeys, including this prayer for families written by MaryJane Pierce Norton.

We invite you to view this video meditation, share the link with others and download the video for use in worship, Sunday school or other settings @



Gracious God, who created all of humankind and showed to us the importance of relationships with one another,

we commend to your care all the families of our community and our world.

We pray that each home may be a home where love is felt.

We pray for homes where, instead of love, hurt, abuse, and suffering abide.

We pray for children, youth, and adults, recognizing the importance of and the gift of every age as we grow.

May your grace be present to all.

Grant us wisdom to know where there is no love, courage to act out of love for others, and peace to trust in your grace.

Help us to live so that the commandments of love for you and love for others are shown in the ways we live together.



United Methodist Communications

Vacation Bible School

April 27, 2017

CALLING ALL VBS HEROES to First United Methodist Church in Hemphill

Cokebury’s VBS HERO CENTRAL is designed to introduce students to a deeper relationship with God through Jesus Christ.  This VBS is based on the Bible and the gospel of the living Christ.

* Students will discover their strength in God

           *Explore God’s mission for their lives

*Encounter epic adventures alongside biblical heroes

*Realize qualities that make them truly heroes in God


While at VBS, children learn Bible stories, meet new types of people, have a good time with friends, and enjoy fun activities they can’t have at home.  At VBS, children learn Bible verses, act out Bible stories, sing contemporary Biblical music, watch, and participate in skits, create crafts, play games in recreation, discover science activities, and have a healthy snack.

VBS also offers an opportunity for adults to grow as servant-leaders. There are many ways you can participate and help:

1) Pray.  Pray now that volunteers continue to come forward.  Pray for children to come.  Pray that we fulfill the opportunity to minister to the children.

2) Volunteer. Volunteer to help with creating decorations, providing supplies, preparing materials, taking photos, providing snacks/ snack ingredients, and of course, working with the children as a teacher or teacher’s helper.  There are many other ways not listed that you can volunteer.

3) Contribute.  Contribute with your prayers, your gifts, and your service.

Our VBS will be held on Monday, June 12 through Friday, June 16 from 9 a.m. to 12 noon Mark your calendars.  This is a wonderful opportunity for the children in Hemphill and Sabine County but also for your grandchildren who may visit you.  Call your children and share the dates; plan for your grandkids to share in VBS.  Let the VBS Directors, Janette and George Young, know so volunteers can be positioned in the best place.  The Youngs also need to know tee-shirt sizes for those working for VBS.

The craft leaders have asked for the congregation to save empty paper towel and TP rolls for a craft item for each budding hero.  Be aware of coming dates for a Decorating Party (color and cut out pictures, etc), of any snacks to be provided, and be certain to invite any children in your neighborhood or kids you know.  There will be classes for kids who are three by June 1st through kids going into the 6th grade.  Older students are wanted / welcomed / needed as volunteer youth helpers all week.

Our overall theme for Hero Central VBS is Psalm 34:14b, “Do Good! Seek peace, and go after it!”  In short, VBS is an invaluable opportunity to reach beyond the walls of FUMC into the heart of the community.  Won’t you help us?  Commit and pray for a successful year at VBS this summer.


UMCOR Sunday

March 16, 2017

“A generous person will be enriched, and one who gives water will get water.” Proverbs 11:25, NRSV

March 26 is UMCOR Sunday, formerly One Great Hour of Sharing.



Your gift offers people everywhere help and hope.

For more information on the vision, the work of the United Methodist Committee on Relief, go to:


“The invitation is to all:” A Wesley hymn devotion for Lent

March 11, 2017

A Feature by Joe Iovino*

March 1, 2017, Ash Wednesday

This is the first in a series about hymns during Lent. Read more about musical devotions.


United Methodists are likely to sing Charles Wesley’s “Come, Sinners, to the Gospel Feast” sometime during Lent, the weeks leading up to Easter. The hymn invites everyone to receive new life in Jesus Christ.

Some people have a spiritual gift for making others feel welcome. Gifted parents make their sons and daughters’ fiancées feel part of the family on their first Easter together. Generous students and welcoming coworkers eat lunch with those who are new. Kind church members alleviate the anxiety of parents of squirming kids by offering a warm smile from across the row.

Jesus demonstrated the ability to turn a stranger into a friend. He ate with those whom others kept at arm’s length; chose a tax collector as part of his inner circle; and made Samaritans heroes in his stories. Jesus invited all to follow him, regardless of their personal history or social standing.

Lent: A season of welcome

Lent is often understood as a time that is all about us, the people who are already part of the church. We use the season to focus on our inner lives through fasting and abstinence and spend extra time in private prayer and devotion. We attend special worship services and Bible studies where we use old words like penitence that need explaining.

But Lent is also a time of welcome.

Baptism, the sacrament through which we are initiated into the Church, was a central part of the earliest celebrations of the resurrection of Jesus on Easter Sunday. Before the church formalized Lent into a liturgical season, they used the weeks before Easter to prepare converts to be welcomed into the community of faith through baptism.

In 18th century England, some people felt welcome in the church, while others did not. Righting this wrong was part of the impetus of John Wesley and the early Methodist movement.

The first Methodists were intentional about welcoming everyone. They preached where people gathered—town squares and fields near mines. In their meetinghouses, they educated children and distributed medical care to those who could not afford to see a doctor. They also visited prisons to share the gospel of Jesus Christ there.

These ministries grew out of what Wesley taught about God’s grace. He used the phrase prevenient grace to describe the love God has for everyone, even before we are aware of it (prevenient means “coming before”).

This also meant Wesley viewed the sacrament of Holy Communion differently from many of his colleagues. He began to celebrate an “open table,” which United Methodists still practice today. This means that regardless of church membership or lack of it, all who love Jesus, earnestly repent of their sin, and seek to live in peace with one another are welcome at the table where they can begin a new life of discipleship..

The invitation in song

Charles Wesley’s “Come, Sinners, to the Gospel Feast,” extends the invitation in song.

First published under the heading, “Hymn 50, The Great Supper, Luke 14:16-24” in Hymns for Those that Seek and Those that have Redemption in the Blood of Jesus Christ (Redemption Hymns 1747), the song invites us both to the communion table (see The United Methodist Hymnal #616) and to enter new life in Jesus Christ (see UMH #339). Together, the two occurrences in the hymnal use only nine of the 24 verses Wesley penned. Read Charles Wesley’s complete text here.


“Come, Sinners, to the Gospel Feast” performed by Rev. Clyde McLennan,


The scripture reference in the heading is a parable Jesus tells about many who decline an invitation to a banquet by giving a variety of excuses. Wesley as narrator begins in the role of the servant charged with making the invitation on behalf of the host:

Come, sinners, to the gospel-feast,

 Let every soul be Jesu’s guest,

 You need not one be left behind,

 For God hath bidden all mankind.


Sent by my Lord, on you I call,

The invitation is to all.

Come all the world: come, sinner, thou,

 All things in Christ are ready now. (verses 1-2)


Wesley wants to be sure we each know there is a place for us at the communion table and in life with Jesus. If anyone thinks the invitation is not for them, Wesley is clear,

Sinners my gracious Lord receives,

 Harlots, and publicans, and thieves,

 Drunkards, and all the hellish crew,

 I have a message now to you. (verse 13)


Living the song

In the verses that follow, Wesley urges us who have accepted Christ’s invitation to become servants who invite others to come to the feast and enter into this new life of discipleship. He puts these words on Jesus’ lips,

Tell them, my grace for all is free,

 They cannot be too bad for me.

Tell them, their sins are all forgiven,

 Tell every creature under heaven. (verses 17b-18a)


Wesley then closes the hymn with a reminder that this gracious invitation is also a call to live a new life in Jesus that can begin today.

This is the time, no more delay,

 This is the acceptable day,

 Come in, this moment, at his call,

 And live for him who died for all. (verse 24)

This Lent, as we seek to strengthen our inner lives in preparation for Easter, let us also be people of invitation. May we not only come to the table ourselves, but invite others to join us in a relationship with Jesus Christ. With the words of Wesley’s hymn on our lips, we open the doors of our hearts, homes, and churches to welcome all to know the love and forgiveness of God through Jesus Christ.


*Joe Iovino works for at United Methodist Communications.


Faithful Discipleship

February 14, 2017
vci logo

 Please join us on Saturday, February 25 for a workshop that will help us take our church communications from “good to great.”

presented by April Canik, Communications Consultant (and Assistant Communication Director for the Texas Annual Conference)

Saturday, February 25 from 9:30 – 3:00

First UMC Hemphill


Effective communication makes people feel valued

and provides connection to meaningful experiences and relationships.

Being a valued member in a community of believers inspires people

to share the same love and caring with others. This is what John Wesley

called a response to God’s transforming grace in our lives.

RSVP to Donna @ 787- 2183

You are blessed to be a blessing. What does that mean?

By virtue of our baptism by water and the Spirit,

God calls all Christians to faithful discipleship, to grow to maturity in faith

(see Ephesians 4).




Church Bell calls us to Worship

February 9, 2017


Our church bell has been repaired! With your little eye, can you spy who’s inside working on the bell?

Stay tuned for the “big reveal” . . .


Window to the Soul

February 9, 2017

A proposal was made to the Church Council Monday, January 23, 2017, to replace the windows in the sanctuary in a two-step project. The Council voted to allow a fund raising campaign spearheaded by Corinna Oliver. However, step-one of the project will not begin until all the funds are raised for that step; we will then proceed with step two fundraising.


Corinna has asked that we ALL be in prayerful consideration of how WE can be a part of this project. Remember, that donations should not interfere with normal tithing. A bulletin board has been created that explains the plan process, steps of the plan, estimated costs for each step and examples of the materials to be used.


There’s an old saying in American culture: “The eyes are a window to the soul.” Jesus spoke about this when He taught on how our eyes reflect spiritual light within our souls. It is our prayer that if the new windows become part of our sanctuary our worship of God will be enhanced.

 The light of the body is the eye: if therefore thine eye be single, thy whole body shall be full of light.

Matthew 6:22

Administrative Council for 2017

January 18, 2017

Servant Ministry– The ministry of all Christians consists of privilege and obligation. The privilege is a relationship with God that is deeply spiritual. The obligation is to respond to God’s call to holy living in the world. Within the United Methodist Church, there are those called to servant leadership, lay and ordained. Such callings are evidenced by special gifts, evidence of God’s grace, and promise of usefulness. The privilege of servant leadership in the Church is the call to share in the preparation of congregations and the whole Church for the mission of God in the world. (from The Book of Discipline of the United Methodist Church) The following church members have answered the call to serve our church for 2017.



Chairperson of the Administrative Council


Vice-Chairperson of Administrative Council


Church Lay Leader


Delegate to Annual Conference


Alternate Delegate to Annual Conference


Secretary – Administrative Council


Financial Secretary


Church Treasurer


Chairperson – Outreach Ministry Team and Missions Committee


Chairperson – Ministry Team on Lay Leadership


Chairperson – Ministry Team on Staff-Parish Relations


Chairperson – Ministry Team of Trustees


Chairperson – Ministry Team on Worship


President –  Methodist Women


President – Methodist Men


Coordinator – Communications


Coordinator – Second Mile Club


Chairperson – Finance Committee


Representative from Youth


Representative – Ministry Team on Vibrant Church Initiative


Representative – Seed Patch After School Program


(Voting members of the Administrative Council)


(Voting members of the Administrative Council)

Burt Butaud                        Jessie Huffman

Dave Moore

Kathryn Butaud                       Merlin Hilbrand


 (Voting members of the Administrative Council)

Ronnie Bryan         Bob Byars            Jim Bynum

Patsy Vlasek          Alton Carlson        Marc Cathriner

Brenda Corley        Mae Frankum    Sophie Galloway

Millie Garlington        Billie Gilcrease         Betty Griffin

Jean Ann Whittington    Joe Griffin      Janie McAnally

Charles Smith                    Troy Pfleider






Lay Leader Charlotte North is a member of this ministry team.

Class of 2017

Milton Briggs

Troy Pflieder

Elizabeth Roberson

Class of 2018  

Nan Byars

Peggy Rawls

 *Brenda Corley

Class of 2019

Dwaine Machann

Carole Teagle


Chairperson of Finance

Pat Friese


Wayne Rawls


Reverend Grant Barnes

Chairperson of the Administrative Board

George Young

Chairperson of Staff-Parish Relation

Brenda Corley

Trustee Representative

(The Trustees will select a representative.)

Lay Leader

Charlotte North

Alternate Lay Delegate to Annual Conference

Peggy Rawls

Financial Secretary

Don North

At Large:     Janie McAnally




Class of 2017

Welmer Byers

*Wayne Rawls

Don North

Class of 2018

 Craig Frankum

Arlie Broadaway

Class of 2019

Roger Adams

Millie Garlington



Margaret Byers                *Donna Broadaway

Marc Cathriner                 Leslie Cure

Corinna Oliver              Gloria Foster

Doug Oliver



(Sunday School Teachers are members of this team.)

Pastor Grant Barnes                       *Janette Young

Barbara Galloway                             Arlie Broadaway

Corinna Oliver                   Tommye Sue Carlson

Margaret Byers                 Billie Gilcrease


NURSERY MINISTRY TEAM:          *Billie Gilcrease

Donna Broadaway



Millie Garlington                               Joe Griffin

Ruth Hughes               Troy Pfleider



Chairperson       *Tommye Sue Carlson (Choir Director)

Charlotte North (Musician)

Joe Griffin (Usher)

Betty Griffin (Choir)

Nan Byars (Lay Leader/Communion)

Sophie Galloway (Acolyte)

At Large:    Millie Garlington         Margaret Byers

Gloria Foster          Betty Elliott             George Young



*Alton Carlson                  Ronnie Bryan                     Gloria Foster


Pastor is the Chairperson of this ministry team.

Class of 2017 

Alan White

Elizabeth Roberson

Charlotte North

Class of 2018 

Arlie Broadaway

Lisa Fountain

Cindy Frankson

Class of 2019

 Margaret Byers

Peggy Rawls

Michel Garig


Shirley Bynum               Tommye Sue Carlson         Brenda Corley

*Barbara Galloway

Charlotte North                                Don North



Donna Broadaway


Clyde Cunningham


Tommye Sue Carlson


Charlotte North




may the Lord