It’s hard to believe this was day four of VBS week!   Fifty-three “Rafters” found REST today at Vacation Bible School at FUMC!

Today the Bible Story illustrated the traditional Jewish Passover meal and the Last Supper Jesus shared with his disciples.  Rafters discovered that Jesus wants us to find rest and remember all that God has done for us.

Day 4 Bible Story a

Day 4 Bible Story b

Students watch intently as actors portray the events of Holy Thursday in the Upper Room.  Question and answer session follow to reinforce the learning taught through drama.  Usually the Bible Story session concluded with fun songs that highlight that day’s message.

Day 4 Science a

All eyes and ears are open and receptive to Miss Carrie and Mr. Roger as they describe each day’s experiment.  There were many quiet moments as students tried to get their bubbles to expand and expand and a few exclamations when some bubbles burst.

Day 4 Crafts a

Using “River Rocks” to fill in the cavity in these crosses, VBSers have fun and will have a treasured memento of Rest on the River after class today.

Day 4 Recreation a

Another fun game relying on trust and focus, Recreation time is one of the favorite activities of the day.  Mr. Arlie and Coach Jeb have devised many inventive games to keep the kids moving and grooving throughout this week.

This year the mission project was tied into the “water” theme as the children were challenged to raise enough money to purchase three water filtration systems for the East District’s mission project Water for Haiti.  At the end of the day today, Day 4, they are less than $20 shy of that goal.  What an outstanding group of River Rafters that have joined us this week.  Well Done!

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