Day 3 at VBS

It’s a solid! … It’s a liquid!.. It’s Oobleck!   What is it?  Ask any VBS student that was in class today.  Lots of ooo’s and ahhhh’s!! and even a couple of “ecks” as the students made a neat concoction and discovered what a non-Newtonian fluid is.  It has properties of both liquids and solids.  Great activity for inquiring minds!  (Ask Alton! He liked it too!)

Our pictorial study today centers around the outside activities that the younger VBS kids took part in.  The portico was a great place to try your hand at “driving” and not reverting to being at a carnival in the bumper cars.  The looks on their faces tell the tale.  VBS is FUN!~


Mr. Arlie and Coach Jeb are always working hard to invent and modify games for fun and lots of action to keep the Recreation time speedy and full of entertaining activities.  Students listen intently because they want to play the games over and over.



The Bible focus today revolved around finding JOY on the river and the pictures above illustrate that lots of kids – 58 present today – found JOY in many places.


Tomorrow, look for a report on the VBS Mission Project at the Rolling River Rampage VBS!

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