Words can’t contain the wonderful work I saw God do over the course of my nine-day trip to Burundi. I will do my best to describe circumstances and events of the trip, but I am certain my words will fall short in giving God the glory He deserves for His work.

tylerbriggsTyler is top left

Tyler is the middle son of Milton and Liz Briggs and grandson of Barbara Briggs.

What did I learn?

That God had more for the Americans to learn than the Burundians. I am fully convinced that this trip was turning point in the lives of each person on our team. The lessons learned will propel each of us into a more intimate relationship with the Father and more fully devoted life of ministry than ever before.

That God loves me more than I could ever imagine – Being immersed in this ministry setting for five days was incredible. I experienced God’s love for me through each person that I encountered, through my team, through the ALARM staff, through the Burundian men with I could only communicate with non-verbally or through a translator, through worship in the Kurudni language I could not understand, through the Holy Spirit’s testimony in my heart, and through quiet moments with the Father in the morning and evening. Metaphorically it was a week-long bear hug from God!

Prayer makes difference – There has never been a five day period in my life where I have prayed more. I prayed before my feet hit the floor, prayed in private each morning as I met with father, prayed throughout the day as I made specific petitions to the Father to provide wisdom, courage, and boldness, and prayed with thanksgiving for hours at the end of each day celebration the wonderful work of God among us.

That everything we taught in Burundi, applies in America – I pray that the teachings of God’s truth impacted the Burundians, but I pray that they impacted me and the team more. The call to faithfulness that we made to the Burundians is the same call we must live out in Fort Worth, Texas. We need not travel around the world to teach and practice these things; we have a much greater and daily opportunity to do so in America.

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