Surf Shack – VBS Day 4

God Calms


In the midst of activity, Mrs Gloria and Mrs Betty manage the Registration process with calm


Opening session with Mrs. DeSay, our music leader


The 3rd and 4th grade surfers listen and participate in Today’s Bible Story

Jesus Calms the Storm            Luke 8:22-25


Disciples (Ms. Lisa; Mrs. Peggy; Mrs. Carrie) and Jesus (Mr. George)


Mr. Arlie and Shay lead our recreation time


Pre-K & Kindergarten surfers enjoying snack time


Crafty 5th and 6th grade surfers


Reflection time with the 1st and 2nd grade surfers

Our VBS Mission for the Week

As disciples, we have an opportunity to help some children who don’t have the opportunity to eat tasty and healthy meals during the summer.  In VBS, the surfers are collecting nutritional snacks to make S.A.N.D. bags (Snack And Nutritional Delights).  These S.A.N.D. bags  will be distributed by the Rainbow Room and our local Salvation Army.  The goal for this week was 50 bags.  As of today, Thursday, we have collected enough nutritional delights for 50 S.A.N.D. bags  and many many more S.A.N.D. bags.


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