Sharing Christmas

photo 3 (4)

Seventeen bikes, three trikes, and two scooters were delivered to FUMC for Empty Stocking distribution.  The Rainbow Room, along with the Sabine County Children’s Services Board are co-sponsors of Empty Stocking.  FUMC has played an important role in all phases of this program.
Following the UMW luncheon, several members and their husbands helped unload these treasures for storage until their distribution on Tuesday, December 15.
Charlotte North, Gloria Foster, Ralph Friese, Alan White, Doug Oliver, Robert Roberson, Margaret Byers,  Arlie Broadaway, Pat Friese, Linda Leger, Jean Ann Whittington were among the helpers. (Photo by Don North.)

kid at heart

Empty Stocking Workday – FUMC – Tuesday, December 14, 2015
          Kids at heart … playing between tasks
Members of the Future Career and Community Leaders of America from Hemphill High School helped workers from FUMC and the community as bags of toys and clothing were checked and double checked before distribution on Tuesday, December 15.
FCCLA helpers 12-'15
FCCLA members are:
standing: Sharissa Bardwell, Sharon Lamb, Vernesha Holman, Aislinn Lee, Macey Impson.
bottom row: Abigail Leone, Abby Adkins, Cheyenne Childress
Other workers on Monday included Pat and Ralph Friese, Jerri Jackson, Jean Ann Whittington, Shirley Bynum, Margaret Byers, Nita LaRock, Vera Johnson, Louise Smith, Lisa Fountain, Linda Leger, Rita Davis, Billie and Jerry Gilcrease, and Gloria Foster.  Many other workers helped on various days to make this wonderful community outreach possible.  The Empty Stocking is co-sponsored by the Sabine County Children’s Services Board and the Rainbow Room.

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