2015 Scare on the Square


Don, Arlie, Barbara, Alton, Shelly, Jim, and others helped with the FUMC booth

There were 25+ families from our church that participated with this year’s Scare on the Square by donating candy, and/or time  – including but not limited to running a game; manning the FUMC booth, the drink booth, “gophering” and trunk or treat.   Thank you for supporting this event.  One of the major participants with Scare on the Square is not pictured, Billie Gilcrease, thanks for all you do.  There are numerous pictures on Face Book, search “scare on the square”.   Here are a few of those pictures.


Donuts on a string – Patsy, Corinna, and Pastor Grant

10 31 15 243

DeSay and Pastor Grant

10 31 15 213

Carole and Oliver – Trunk or Treat

10 31 15 233

Welmer and Margaret running the “Sock it to the Witch” game

10 31 15 244

Tim took care of the Water and Juice booth

10 31 15 300

There is always clean up – Just ask Jerry

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