Dear Members and Friends of Hemphill First United Methodist Church

For several weeks there have been announcements, sermons, articles and conversations about New Covenant Sunday.  On that day we will celebrate our spiritual renewal encouraging everyone to reaffirm the vows and commitments made when you joined the church – to participate in the ministry of the church with your Prayers, Presence, Gifts, Service, and Witness.

New Covenant Sunday is January 4, 2015, the day each person will return the enclosed card listing their intentions after prayerful consideration of how participation in each area can be increased.  The card has two parts.  The top part is information for the church; the identical bottom part is for your own records.  You will NOT be asked to sign the card that you turn in, only the portion that you keep so you will have a record of your intentions and decisions.  On January 4, the unsigned top portion of the card will be deposited in a gift box at the altar during the service.

What can the church do to help you grow spiritually?  Be alert to the possibilities for you to grow.  Be positive and receptive to the ideas you may think of or suggestions you may hear.  Open your heart so you may hear God’s whisperings.  Be in prayer that your decisions transform you.  Fuel your thoughts and imagination leading you to discover your gifts and talents in regards to your church. While some ideas to encourage / inspire you follow, trust yourself to go beyond these suggestions and choose additional paths to serve.


  • Use bulletin prayer list to intercede for those listed
  • Increase the frequency of your prayer time / length of your prayer time
  • Participate in National Day of Prayer / the World Day of Prayer


  • Accept ministry team (committee) commitments and attend meetings regularly
  • Join / be present at Sunday School / Bible Study
  • Take part in church activities in addition to Worship Services


  • Use your gifts and talents in meaningful ways
  • Sing in the choir
  • Strive to increase your givinG


  • Lead Responsive Reading at Worship / Regularly phone or contact a member shut-in
  • Teach a Sunday School Class / Lead a Children’s Sermon
  • Be involved beyond Sunday Services – Check the List of Ministries of our church; explore where you can contribute.


  • Take Communion to member shut-ins
  • Invite others to FUMC / to your Sunday School Class
  • Be aware that your actions in public speak louder than words Following the service by Reverend Grant Barnes, our new minister, a special dinner will be held to further celebrate New Covenant Sunday. This is not a pot luck dinner. The meal will be prepared for the congregation as the celebration of this day continues.   As in the time of Jesus, when coming together to share a meal had a tendency to draw His followers closer, so is the hope that we will celebrate our renewal and draw closer to Him.

Please plan to attend this special New Covenant Sunday on January 4, 2015 to celebrate a renewal of your vows and the Celebration Luncheon following.


New Covenant Team:

Peggy Rawls          Larry Lindsey    Gloria Foster

JoAnn Allison           Buckshot Walker

Pat Friese               Dan McAnally          Buzz Foster

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