New Covenant Sunday is coming….

New Covenant Sunday is spiritual renewal to encourage everyone to reaffirm the vows and commitments made when you joined the church to participate in the ministry of the church with your:








Are you satisfied that you are doing all you can to be a faithful member of God’s church in these areas? We would like to ask you to think of how you might increase your participation in the ministry of God’s church in these five areas.

The goal of Christian discipleship is the faithful management of all that God gives so that God can use our gifts to transform us spiritually and to extend Christ’s transforming love to others.

Over the next several weeks we will be sharing ideas to encourage you to think about how you might increase your commitment in your faithfulness to God’s church.  Later, toward the end of December, you will be given a card on which to record your intentions.  Each person will receive a card.


  • This is individual commitment; NOT one per family, but ONE per person
  • This is increasing your participation .. how much do you want to increase? what percentage? what amount? what quantity? what quality?

The card you will be given asks how you might increase your participation and has two parts.  The top part is information for the church; the identical bottom part is for your own records.  You will NOT be asked to sign the card that you turn in, only the one that you keep for yourself so you may have a record.  

Be alert to the possibilities for you to grow.  Be positive and receptive to the ideas that you may think of or suggestions you may hear.  Be in prayer that your decisions transform you.

Contact any member of the New Covenant Sunday Team with your questions.  They are: Peggy Rawls, Pat Friese, Joanne Allison, Larry Lindsey, Buckshot Walker, Dan McAnally, Buzz and Gloria Foster.

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