Day Four of Workshop of Wonders!

Work with God

Giant Lego blocks, rulers, cans spilling paint, and a picture of Rivet, the blue carpenter ant (our puppet) showcase the Wonder Words for Day Four of VBS, “WORK WITH GOD.”

Sherry telling bible story

Today’s Bible story was about Jesus feeding the 5,000 (John 6:1-13).  The story teller, Sherry Lindsay, is shown holding a basket that might have contained the lunch of a child, something ordinary that became something extraordinary, a meal for over 5,000 people.  The story illustrates all of us can participate in God’s work.

VBS Games

In keeping with the Bible story, leader, Arlie Broadaway, devised Bread Basket toss.  Children aimed beanbags at baskets of different sizes and followed fun instructions after making a shot.  Always a favorite, recreation is so much more than just games, tying together fun activities with each Bible story.

Barbara Science Lab

The Science Station has been manned by three instructors this week, Bill Whittington, Jim Bynum, and Barbara Galloway.  Today’s Lunch Bag Pop, didn’t pop, because they were studying gas laws relating to temperature changes.  Looking at the intense attention paid by 1st and 2nd graders, it was amazing!

Tool Boxes

Looking closely at the crafts group, one spies a completed tool chest in the center of the table.  Each child painted pieces, put those pieces together, and decorated their chest in some manner and will take them home as a permanent reminder of our Workshop of Wonders.  Also shown are small sail boats that were assembled from what appeared to be scraps of wood. And precision-required flowers made from very small pieces of paper, cut and folded and glued together very carefully are also on the table.  That was a busy room with a lot of enthusiusm all week.


Friday is the last day of 2014’s Vacation Bible School,

WORKSHOP OF WONDERS, where we learned that we can Imagine With God, Build With God, Grow With God, Work With God, and Walk With God!”

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