Day Three of Workshop of Wonders!

Grow with God

Day three of VBS centered around the Wonder Words “Grow With God”.  Each day has a theme specific topic related to the overall “Workshop of Wonders” theme.  Wednesday the children heard the Parable of the Mustard Seed in the Bible Nook and throughout the day, the idea of Growing with God was presented.


Some 3rd and 4th graders enjoy eating a “dirt” dessert complete with a wiggly (gummy) worm crawling out of the cup.  The kids LOVED it! with many asking for “more worms, please!”  Some groups discussed the value of worms as plants and crops grow (with God)  in their gardens and fields.


The Pre-K and Kindergarten group were anxious to plant seeds with the Story Teller after hearing the Parable of the Mustard Seed.  Children were able to see the minute size of the mustard seed at their Reflection Time in each class.  Teachers had cups with the tiny seeds for the class to look at and hold in their hands.

VBS Activiity

During Recreation time, VBS kids played “Seed in the Hole” trying to toss a frisbee into a hula hoop “hole.” That was followed by an active game of ball on the concrete court.


1st and 2nd graders are amazed making their Lava Lamps.  Using something ordinary like vegetable oil, water, food coloring, and antacid tablets in a bottle turns into something extraordinary. The look on the children’s faces tells it all.


VBS this week has truly been a Workshop of Wonders!  Come by and watch your church in action sharing God’s love and God’s message, turning the ordinary into the extraordinary.



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