Blessing of Sunday School Teachers

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Pictured here are many of the Sunday School teachers/ leaders for 2014-15.

From left to right: Barbara Watson, Jo Ann Allison, Pat Friese, Penny Schuchert, Peggy Rawls, Beverly Rocha, Tommye Sue Carlson, Millie Garlington, Gloria Foster, Barbara Galloway, and Billie Gilcrease.

A Dedication of Teachers was held Sunday, July 28, with Pastor Karen commending the group for stepping forward and “being the church,” sharing their faith and love of the Lord with others at Sunday School.

The number of Sunday School classes has grown over the last several years. There will be eight different Sunday School classes beginning Sunday, August 4th. Using a rotation system for children and youth, classes will have three or four teachers who alternate teaching, either weekly, monthly, or however that team decides works best for them. This allows teachers to share their gifts and talents to teach while also allowing them to attend their own adult Sunday School class and / or travel as many of our congregation members are apt to do.

There is always room for others to participate, especially if you have not been contacted. If you feel this is a gift or talent or area you would like to explore, please do not hesitate! Call the church and let Karen know of your interest. Materials are furnished, help is available, no one is ever alone when working as a Sunday School teacher, and the rewards are tremendous. You share your knowledge and love of the Lord with others, and grow in your own knowledge and belief system as you work through the lessons each week.

A complete listing of classes and teachers follows.

Master Builders – Barbara Watson, Brad Varnum, and Jim Crane

Sonshine Girls – Sherry Lindsay

Agape – Barbara Galloway

Young Adults – Pastor Karen Jones

Nursery – Infants / Toddlers – Jo Ann Allison & Billie Gilcrease

Pre-K – Peggy Rawls, Tanya Walker, Penny Schuchert

Elementary – Millie Garlington, Pat Friese, Barbara Galloway, Dollie Benoit

Youth – Beverly Rocha, Lisa Fountain, Tommye Sue Carlson, Gloria Foster

Which class are you interested in? If you aren’t sure teaching is your “thing,” you can still come and contribute and learn as a member of any of the classes. Contact the office or Karen at 787.2183. Come, be an active member of FUMC, find a Sunday School class that is your fit; come share your faith and gifts with others. Sunday School begins each Sunday at 9:45 A.M.

We’ll be looking for YOU!

And bring a friend!!

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