Advent Devotional for Monday, Dec 5th

Second Monday of Advent

Reading:  Acts 2:37-42

Reflection:  The confidence and humility which John and Jesus displayed continued to be seen in the new community which formed around Jesus’ message and mission. They knew that if they were to continue the work that Jesus had given them, they needed to do it together, with each one taking their proper place, and using their unique abilities in harmony with others. The result of this way of life was an amazing impact on the people around them.

 It can be tempting when we are part of a community to fade into the background and allow others to do the work. It can also be tempting to take control of the things we are passionate about, and keep others from sharing or participating effectively for fear that they may “step on our toes”. But, something miraculous happens when we embody, together, the life and message of Christ: it literally changes the world! John the Baptiser may have been the messenger heralding the coming of Christ, but we are all, together as Christ-followers, messengers of the coming of Christ’s reign – God’s new community of love and grace – into our world.

 In what ways can you share, co-operate with and help others in your community as you, together, seek to share the life and message of Jesus? Where might you need to step up and take your role with greater sacrifice and commitment? Where might you need to step back a bit and make space for others? In what ways can your participating in a Christ-following community help to demonstrate God’s reign to your neighborhood?


Prayer:   God of Grace and Love, It’s good to be on this journey of life and faith with others, but sometimes I feel like it would be easier if I just left it all to them. Other times I feel like I wish they would just let me do what I know I’m good at and stop getting in my way. But, you have called me to be part of a community, and part of my journey means learning to live and share and participate with others.  So, please teach me how to belong and how to help others to belong. Teach me to share in whatever way I can in the life and work of your new community. And teach me to take my part in showing your grace and love to the world. In Jesus’ name.    Amen.

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