Advent Devotional for Thursday, Dec 1st

November 30, 2011

First Thursday of Advent

Reading:  Psalm 85:1-2, 8-13

Reflection:  Today the focus shifts toward preparing for this coming Sunday, which introduces us to the messenger of God’s coming, John the Baptiser. Psalm 85 encourages God’s people to listen to God’s message of peace, and to allow it to shape their lives. It celebrates God’s reign of justice and righteousness, and how these two attributes prepare the way for God’s coming. This, of course, was the work that John did – challenging people to confront themselves, change & commit to God’s ways in preparation for God’s coming.

 The temptation here is to become legalistic and make our work of preparation and righteousness the necessary ingredient for God’s coming to us. In Christ we now know that nothing we do can earn God’s presence or approval, so it’s not about that. Rather, the challenge of this Psalm, and of the Advent season, is to allow God to come into our lives fully so that we are truly changed. Then, as we begin to reflect God’s character in our lives, we become heralds of God’s coming to others, because they experience God’s grace, God’s peace and justice in and through us.

In what ways can you listen more carefully to God’s message of peace and justice? How do you experience “love and truth meeting” and “righteousness and peace kissing” in your own life? How can you open your life even more to allow God’s word to take root in your soul this Advent?

Prayer:  As you speak your words of peace, O God, may they settle into my heart. As you speak your words of love and justice, may they become the rhythm to which my life moves. And as you speak to me, O God, may your words also be heard through me. In Jesus’ name.        Amen.

Happy Birthday, Ryan – Nov 30th

November 29, 2011

Music, a Dr.Pepper, and a Smile – Birthday Joy!

You have made known to me the path of life; You will fill me with joy in Your presence.   Psalm 16:11 NIV


Happy Birthday, Nicole – Nov 30th

November 29, 2011




Praying the God of every good gift blesses you with a day full of overflowing joy.


 Thanks be to God for his inexpressible gift!    2 Corinthians 9:15

Advent Devotional for Wednesday, Nov 30th

November 29, 2011

First Wednesday of Advent

Reading: Micah 5:1-5a

Reflection:  The words of this passage are often quoted around Christmas time – the picture of Bethlehem, the least of the cities of a small, unimportant tribe, being home to God’s sent leader who will restore God’s people and bring peace.

 It’s a common theme in Scripture – that God uses the least and most insignificant to accomplish God’s purposes. It’s an important theme to remember, and it flies in the face of our world’s view of importance and success – the meritocracy that applauds only the “best”, the “richest” and the “most powerful”. Once again, God’s reign is revealed as an “upside down” way of being, and the One who comes in God’s name as a humble, peace-bringing Shepherd, as opposed to a grand, militant conqueror.

 Which offers us a new possibility for encountering the God who seeks to come to us again in this Advent season: to find God in the small, the least, the unexpected, the peaceful, the caring and nurturing people and places. What are the unexpected places in your life where you would be surprised to find God? Can you look deeper in those places and see if you can find evidence of God’s presence? In what ways can you embody the gentle, humble, peacemaking character of God’s Sent One?

 Prayer:  Humble and Caring God, Thank you that you choose the weak and small things of the world to accomplish your purposes. Thank you that I can be one of those things, and that in my small daily commitment to follow you, I can contribute to peace and grace in our world. In Jesus’ name.           Amen.

December Activities

November 29, 2011
Dec 1  Bible Study –5pm
Dec 2  Decorate Xmas Float -3:30pm
Game Night –6pm
Dec 3  Christmas Parade – meet at church at 3:30pm
Movie Night – Following parade
Dec 4 1st Sunday/Communion
Basket Of Blessings
9:45am ~ Sunday School
5:00 pm~ Church-wide Caroling Party
Dec 5 Pineywood Pick’rs -2pm
Cub Scouts – 6pm
Dec 6  Golden Needle Quilters –9:30am – 2pm
UMW New Officers’ Installation & Luncheon
Dec 7 Wal-Mart – Toys for Tots – 6am
Prayer in the Parlor – 10am
Soup, Salad & Song (SSS)Noon–1pm– Charlotte North
 Choir 5:30pm
Dec 8 Bus Tour Luncheon –10am-2pm
Bible Study –5pm
Dec 9 Game Night –6pm
Dec 10  Agape SS Party –4pm
Dec 11 2nd Sunday/Covered Dish
Basket Of Blessings
9:45am ~ Sunday School
5:00 pm~ UMYF
Set up for Empty Stocking
Dec 12 Empty Stocking Workday – Xmas bags – 9am
Pineywood Pick’rs -2pm
Cub Scouts – 6pm
Dec 13 Golden Needle Quilters –9:30am – 2pm
Dec 14 Distribution of Toys
Prayer in the Parlor -10am
Soup, Salad & Song (SSS)Noon–1pm  –  Pineywood Pick’rs
Choir -5:30pm
Dec 15 Distribution of Toys
Dec 16 Game Night –6 pm
Dec 18 3rd Sunday/Covered Dish
Basket Of Blessings
9:45am ~ Sunday School
3-5pm~ Open House @ Parsonage
5:00 pm~ UMYF/set up for Christmas Food Boxes
Dec 19 Pineywood Pick’rs -2pm
Christmas Food Box Delivery
Cub Scouts -6pm
Deadline for Newsletter
Dec 20 Golden Needle Quilters –9:30am – 2pm
Dec 21 Prayer in the Parlor – 10am
Soup, Salad & Song (SSS)Noon–1pm– Martin & Friends
Prayer Shawl Ministry -10am
Choir -5:30pm
Dec 22 Blue Christmas Service –6:30pm
Dec 23 Office Closed
Game Night –6pm
Dec 24 Christmas Eve Candlelight Service –6:30pm
Christmas Day Service ~ 10am
No Sunday School
Dec 26 Office Closed
Dec 27 Golden Needle Quilters –9:30am – 2pm
Dec 28 Prayer in the Parlor – 10am
Dec 31 Expanded Game night -7PM
Watch Night Service –11pm

Don’t forget Movie Night – Sat, Dec 3rd

November 29, 2011



Movie Night is Saturday, December 3 @ 6 pm (right after the Lions Club Christmas Parade).   Come join us for Hot Dogs, popcorn, and the movie this Saturday is “Flywheel”

December Birthdays and Anniversaries

November 29, 2011

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Below are the December Birthdays and Anniversaries.  If you have an anecdote and/or picture, please share.  Send to  

Dec 02 – Larry & Sherry Lindsey – Anniversary

Dec 03 – Joe Cloud II

Dec 06 – Roy Hammonds

Dec 09 – Hank Lavigne

Dec 10 – Coleman Dugat

Dec 12 – Ray & Audrey Groff – Anniversary

Dec 14 – Chuck Corley

Dec 16 – Gloria Foster

Dec 16 – Robert Roberson

Dec 18 – Chuck & Brenda Corley – Anniversary

Dec 20 – Peggy Rawls

Dec 21 – Glenda Keel

Dec 21 – Lee & Terry Dutton – Anniversary

Dec 22 – Burt & Kathryn Butaud – Anniversary

Dec 24 – Carol Olver

Dec 25 – Tommye Sue Carlson

Dec 25 – Earl Rivers

Dec 26 – Penny Schuchert

Dec 28 – Terry Dutton

Dec 28 – Charles & Barbara Watson – Anniversary




Sunday, Nov 27th

November 29, 2011

Great-Grandpa with Ashlyn, & Kaylie and their mom, Kristen 

Jim and Shirley officially join our church family

And there is always food

with nine youth @ UMYF

Advent Devotional for Tuesday, Nov 29th

November 28, 2011

First Tuesday of Advent

Reading:  Revelation 18:1-10

Reflection:  Today we are again faced with the metaphorical, symbolic language of prophecy – this time from John, the writer of the Revelation. Here again, we might be tempted to view this only in terms of judgment and destruction, but there is a message of grace and justice to be found here as well.

 The personification of Babylonis a powerful way to depict the temptation to ignore God’s ways of justice and peace, and embrace, rather, the ways of power, accumulation and addiction. The excesses that are represented by this arrogant figure are prevalent in our economic, political, and entertainment systems today. We have fallen prey to exactly the dangers that this vision warns against – uncontrolled desire for wealth and power, and the constant, instant gratification of our every desire – and our world, and its peoples are suffering under the weight of our lack of wisdom and responsibility. This is why God calls God’s people to distance themselves from this way of being. The reign of God calls us to be people of simplicity and generosity, not accumulation. The reign of god calls us to be people of service and humility not domination and control. The reign of God calls us to be people of discipline and restraint, not addiction and self-gratification. Ultimately, God’s ways are really commonsense, and lead to the best, most abundant, life. But, if we choose to go our own way, we will, eventually, have to face the consequences – as we are doing in our world now.

 So, in what ways have you allowed yourself to become part of these “Babylonian” ways?  Are there parts of your life that are still plagued by greed, or the hunger for power or self-gratification – even in small ways? In what ways can God’s coming to you challenge you to release these ways, and embrace the ways of God’s reign a little more? Choose one thing to practice in particular today.

Prayer:  God of justice and mercy, You always call us to life that is vibrant and full and that brings life to others. Teach me your ways of simplicity, humility and restraint, and use me, however you can, to bring more of your grace and wisdom into my world. In Jesus’ name.    Amen.

Advent Devotional for Monday, Nov 28th

November 27, 2011

First Monday of Advent

Reading: Micah 4:1-5

Reflection:   Micah’s vision of God’s reign is one of peace and prosperity, with worship at its heart. This aligns very closely with the vision that Jesus gives in his teaching and in his actions. It offers an encouraging message for us – when God comes, the motive is not to destroy, judge or conquer like a military dictator. Rather God seeks to restore and to reconcile.

 As always, the challenge of these visions is that we can begin to experience and live out the values of God’s reign in our own lives right now. So, take a moment to consider Micah’s vision again, but this time, ask yourself how you can begin to embody this vision for yourself this Advent season.

 In what ways can you make your worship – the “mountain of God’s temple” – the most important place in your life, and how can it be something that attracts other people to God? How can your life be used by God to bring mediation between those who are in dispute, or to reconcile those who are in conflict? How can you contribute to peace and prosperity in your community? These may sound like big expectations that God has for us, but small actions that respond to these promptings can have a significant impact, if we will just commit to living out our faith and hope daily.


Prayer:  God of peace and justice, May my worship of you give me a clearer vision of your reign. May my love for you be expressed not just in songs and prayers, but in working for peace and reconciliation, and for prosperity and security, for those with whom I live and work and play. In Jesus’ name.        Amen.