T. Suzanne Eller

“The Spirit himself testifies with our spirit that we are God’s
children.” Romans 8:16 (NIV)

We found out in early June that a beautiful gift might be coming to
our family. It was something for which my sweet daughter and
son-in-law had longed for over three years.

We’ll never forget the day they got the news they’d been chosen by a
birth mother to receive the gift of her child. A whirlwind erupted as
we all came together to create a nursery and buy the necessities. Five
days later a perfect little baby boy was born, and Josh and Melissa
brought their long awaited, beautiful miracle home.

Walking with them through the adoption process has made me treasure
even more these words in Romans 8:15: “For you did not receive the
spirit of bondage again to fear, but you received Spirit of adoption
by whom we cry out, Abba, Father.” (NKJV)

Initially, we didn’t know the baby’s name, what he might look like, or
what his ethnicity might be. We didn’t know how old he would be, or
whether he would be a boy or a sweet baby girl. All we knew is that

long before my daughter and son-in-law held him in their arms, they
loved him.

Now that the gift of this sweet baby being adopted into our family is
a reality, his parents are changing diapers and slogging through
sleep-deprived nights. It’s not easy, but he is so worth every bit of
sacrifice they are making.

He’s still wanted. Still treasured. Still loved. Still a miracle in every way.

Sometimes we may look at God and wonder if we are a bother. After all,
we’re a work in progress. We get busy and forget to treasure our times
with Him. We promise ourselves we’ll grow spiritually, and then lose
our temper with a loved one.

Perhaps today you struggle with accepting God’s love. Our key verse
says you don’t have to fear rejection, because you are adopted. God
loves you just like Josh and Melissa love their new son, but in a
God-like measure.

And, in the same way when our grandchild was adopted, he went to court
with his mom and dad, and a judge, who had the authority, pronounced

the adoption as official. It was irrevocable.

Did you know God’s Word is your authority? Romans 8:14-16 promises
that God’s love for you is also irrevocable. You are signed, sealed
and officially His child. Today, as His adopted child, ask the Holy
Spirit to gently remind you one more time of Whose you are and how
very loved you are by Him!

Dear Lord, You are my Abba Father! Today I place all fear aside and
place my trust in You. I walk into Your arms where I am welcome. Thank
You for that marvelous gift, Amen.

Submitted by Karen Jones

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