God Is Constant

Read Psalm 102:25-28

I am the LORD, I change not.    Malachi 3:6 (KJV)

DRIVING into the countryside, I am dismayed by the changes I see.  Billboards  block the view of the landscape, and subdivisions stretch out where forests once stood.

The changes remind me that life moves on, often in ways we find difficult to accept.  Our children grow up quickly; friends and neighbors move away; family members now live only in memories.  No matter how happy we are with secure and familiar lives, forces outside our control bring troubling changes.

Yet in the face of life’s changes, we have the promise of God’s unchanging love. Scripture brought strength and comfort to previous generations as it does to us. We can be secure in the knowledge that God’s word and God’s promises do not change with the times.  Knowing that God is constant helps us to accept and even to embrace the changes that come in our lives.

Marian Rusk (Missouri,U.S.A.)

Prayer:    For your constant presence we thank you, God.  Help us to accept change and to rely on your steadfast love.      Amen.

THOUGHT FOR THE DAY:    When change swirls around us, God’s steady love is our security.

Prayer Focus:    Those who resist change

Upper Room

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