The Sower

Sunday, July 10, 2011   Sermon Synopsis

Matthew 13: 1-9 

July 10 – 24  we will be looking at the kingdom parables of Jesus found in Matthew 13.

Let us reconsider or re-imagine the parable of the sower.  Is this parable really about the sower? If it is about the sower then this parable is about God’s indiscriminate and extravagant love, mercy and grace.  The sower casts the seeds liberally on the bad soil as well as the good. And I believe the sower expected the seeds to produce fruit.

If this parable is instead really about the seeds and not the sower, then we need to understand that all the seed was good seed.  It all tried to put down roots.

Imagine with me that the parable is really about the soil.  If you read Matthew 13: 18-22, Jesus tells us that the parable is indeed about the dirt.  Many scholars today believe that this was added later by the early church to help Christians understand this kingdom parable.  If this parable is about the dirt then the point of the parable is the receptivity of the soil. What kind of reception do we have to the Word of God as individuals and as a church family? What kind of soil amendments and care does our life need?

Sometimes in our lives have our hearts been like the beaten down path where there is no space for roots to be put down?  Have you ever felt as though there is little depth in your spiritual life? How often have the cares of the world choked out the word of God in our lives? Are you now feeling as though the seed of God’s love, mercy and grace have taken deep hold in your life? Are you producing fruit?


God can open the hardest and most impenetrable heart.

Fertile soil exists where Jesus’ story intersects our story.


What kind of soil does God’s word find in your life?

What kind of soil exists in Sabine County?

What kind of soil do we at FUMC offer?

Where do we need some hoeing and weeding?

What kind of harvest are we producing for the Kingdom of God?


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