Keeper of Crayons


Read Matthew 18:10-14

Even the hairs of your head are all counted.   Matthew 10:30 (NRSV)

 MY young son, Brindley, has autism, and one of the activities that soothes him is coloring. We often go to church with a cookie tray that holds his notebook and crayons to keep him happy and occupied during the service. Brindley presses hard and can use up a box of crayons in a week or less. He wears his crayons down to small pieces. Some are less than a half-inch in size, but he cherishes them no matter how little or worn down they are.

One Sunday morning, Brindley dropped his crayons on the floor. Of course, he immediately started to pick up his precious possessions. He was very careful to make sure he had accounted for all the crayons — every color, every size, no matter how small or worn. To my son, each crayon mattered just as much as any other.

Brindley’s attention to every single crayon is like God’s love for each of us. God cares for us as separate individuals and has made us all different for a reason. In God’s eyes we are all equally important and have a place in God’s plan. We are always sought out and valued, one by one.

Anjie Kokan (Wisconsin,USA)


Heavenly Creator, help us remember that you care for us even when we feel lost or insignificant. Thank you for loving us as we are. Amen.

Prayer focus:  Children with Autism


Thought for the Day 

No matter our size, shape, complexion, or age, each one of us matters to God.


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