Recently Sabine County Historical Foundation’s Mary Ann McDaniel presented a check to Hemphill First United Methodist Church in memory of “Miss Sallie” (Pratt).   The check represents a portion of the insurance money received after the tragedy of the Pratt House fire in July, 2010.  

Miss Sallie was a member of  the Methodist Church in the early 1900’s.  A strong Christian woman, Miss Sallie served as a Sunday School teacher and a member of the then-fledgling women’s group, called Woman’s Missionary Society.  Miss Sallie was instrumental in establishing many programs of the church at that time.   The church was served by circuit rider preachers in the early days.   Miss Sallie and her husband, George Edward, would host the preachers in their overnight stays at their home in The Pratt House.  Miss Sallie was known to be a powerful pray-er, and was frequently requested to pray over someone in need of healing.  She “prayed a hedge around the church” in order that it would always be used for God’s Glory.  The mother of eleven children, Miss Sallie believed in a strong Christian foundation for her family and worked to bring that about.

 She was known for her extreme generosity so this gift to the church she loved and helped grow in her lifetime is not surprising.  Miss Sallie was a very special woman whose legacy of giving and serving the Lord continues through this gift to Hemphill First United Methodist Church.  One could presume Miss Sallie would approve of today’s ministry of Open Hearts, Open Minds, Open Doors at “her” Methodist Church

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