Happy Anniversary, Jan and Doug – June 20th


Today, June 20th, Doug and Jan are celebrating their 52nd wedding anniversary.  They were married on June 20, 1959 in Minden, Louisiana.  Doug and Jan met when she was a freshman in Minden High School and he was a senior.   

Except for a two-year period when he was in the Army they lived in Minden until he was transferred to Houston in 1978.  They have two sons–Scott (age 48) and John (age 47), five grandchildren–Everett, Brian, Joanna, Rebecca and Connie, and three great-grandchildren–Lauryn, Ashley and John.

While in Houston Doug became part owner of Coastal Towing, Inc., and Jan worked as Administrative Assistant for the Executive Vice-President of Operations for a NASA Contractor.  Doug retired in 1993 from Coastal Towing, Inc., and they moved from Houston to a place near Livingston where they raised Missouri Fox Trotter horses.  One of the fillies they bred and raised became a World Grand Champion at the World Champion Fox Trotter Horse Show in Ava, Missouri  in 2001. 

In April, 2003 they sold the horses and their place near Livingston and moved to Hemphill on Toledo Bend Lake.

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