UMCOR Sunday

March 16, 2017

“A generous person will be enriched, and one who gives water will get water.” Proverbs 11:25, NRSV

March 26 is UMCOR Sunday, formerly One Great Hour of Sharing.



Your gift offers people everywhere help and hope.

For more information on the vision, the work of the United Methodist Committee on Relief, go to:


March 13 Council met

March 16, 2017




March 13, 2017


Those present:  George Young, Pastor Grant Barnes, Donna Broadaway, Arlie Broadaway, Bob Byars, Marc Cathriner, Pat Friese, Katherine Knight, Don North, Charlotte North, Troy Pfleider, Peggy Rawls, Wayne Rawls, Charles Smith, Carole Teagle, and non-voting member Corinna Oliver.


The meeting was called to order by Chairman, George Young at 5:35 p.m.  Pastor Grant Barnes opened the meeting with prayer.  George Young read the Scripture; Matthew 25: 14-30;  The parable of “The Talents”.  We are given talents to be used for the Kingdom of God living our life as a good and faithful servant.


The minutes of the January 23, 2016 regularly scheduled meeting, February 13, 2016 called meeting, & the February 13, 2016 planning meeting were sent electronically.  Pat Friese made the motion with a 2nd by Donna Broadaway to accept the January 23rd meeting minutes.  Motion passed.  Don North made the motion with a 2nd by Wayne Rawls to accept the February 13th called meeting minutes.  Motion passed.  Donna Broadaway made the motion with a 2nd by Charles Smith to accept the February 13th planning meeting minutes.  Motion passed.




LAY LEADER:  Charlotte North reported that a Bible Study (adult VBS) from the book, Not a Fan, will be held in June.  She and Margaret Byers will teach the sessions.


COMMUNICATIONS:  Report prepared by Doug Oliver:

Current Contributors:

Doug Oliver  Webpage

Katherine Knight  Blog

Donna Broadaway Bulletin / Newsletter



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Visitors 01/30/2017 – 03/01/2017

 Visitors          Repeats           Researchers   Prospects        Fans

Last 30 Days    66                   18%                 12%                 14%                 6%


Page                Visitors                       Avg Time       Repeats           Researchers   Prospects        Fans

Home Page      41                    1m 4s               26.8%              17.1%              22.0%              9.8%

/vci.php           6                      2m 36s                         0.0%                16.7%              0.0%                0.0%

/ministries        3                     0s                     33.3%              0.0%                0.0%                0.0%

about-fumc      3                      0s                     0.0%                0.0%                0.0%                0.0%

/activities         2                      0s                     0.0%                0.0%                0.0%                0.0%


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Katherine does a great job of updating events and pictures

  1. Bulletin / Newsletter – Weekly Sunday / The Net

Donna does a great job of writing both

  1. Needs: – Congregation Photo – Photos in general
  2. Under Budget- Web site is free; Blog is free


EDUCATION:  George Young for Janette Young reported:

George and Janette Young will coordinate VBS for 2017.  VBS is scheduled for June 12th thru 16th.  The theme is Heroes.  Some items have already been ordered and other materials are available for up to a 20% discount.  Several slots for VBS have been filled:

  • Katherine Knight – 5th & 6th graders
  • Gloria Foster & Betty Griffin – Registration
  • Mae Frankum & Michele Garig – Crafts
  • Roger & Carrie Adams – Science
  • Arlie Broadaway – Recreation
  • Billie Gilcrease/Margaret Quick – decorations

A planning meeting for VBS is scheduled for Tuesday, March 21, 2017 at 5:30 pm.  All interested persons are encouraged to attend.


FINANCE:  Pat Friese reported:  The Finance Team met on March 6 with a quorum.

  • The financial reports for January/February were reviewed. Year to date income vs. expenses were in the black. We are tracking income vs. attendance and will continue this for several months to evaluate this ratio.
  • The two Certificates of Deposit that are coming due for renewal were discussed.   A motion was made and passed to renew the $20,000 CD for a one year term and the $55,000 CD for a two year term with Merrill Lynch. Merrill Lynch offered a higher rate than local banks.
  • Communion rail offering designations were assigned. April will be for UMCOR, May will be for VBS, and June will be for UM Army.
  • In order to keep the congregation aware of the financial health of the church, it was decided to put a short article in the monthly newsletter. It will note our income vs. expenses for the month and year to date. Don North will provide this information to Donna.
  • A change in the signature authorizations is needed. Bob Byars and Lee Dutton will be removed and we request that Janie McAnally, George Young, Don North, and Wayne Rawls will have signature authority to sign checks and manage the investments of Certificates of Deposit. The motion was made by Arlie Broadaway with a second by Charles Smith to revise the authorized signatures as indicated above. Motion passed
  • Financial reports for January and February 2017 and the Certificates of Deposit report are attached


LAY LEADERSHIP:  Nothing to report


OUTREACH & MISSIONS:  Donna Broadaway reported:

The Ministry Team on Outreach and Missions met March 2, 2017.

Devotional: Alone in a Crowded Room, by Lysa TerKeurst

  • Reminds us that it is often difficult to walk into somewhere filled with people and not feel alone. The devotional stated that “proximity and activity don’t always equal connectivity”. Team members were asked to be very proactive in watching for the “outsider” and consciously engage them to make them feel like part of the church family.


  • Visitors – 7 first time visitors, 4 repeat visitors, 3 member family visitors.
    • Welcome packets (bag, folder, pen w/bookmark) on sale for $2.29 each – savings of $2.79 each. Fifty packets-Cost from budget-$114.50.
    • Pens @ .59 each. Ordered 250 (Outreach members donated the $59.00 for 100 pens) Cost from budget-$135.44.
  • New Members – Wayne & Sue Pynes and Carrie & Roger Adams need some TLC as they find their places in the church. Remember to reach out to them and invite them to activities and events.
  • Membership Audit – Our roles are in desperate need of outreach. We will do a mailing to all of those who are on the rolls, but haven’t attended in quite a while. Anyone that is available to help with folding and stuffing letters please volunteer.


  • Host UM Army – Doug Oliver is spearheading this project this year. It is scheduled for July 9-15, 2017. We all need to make ourselves available to assist Doug in any way he needs.
  • Big House – cancelled by the organization.
  • Church Picnic – May 20, 2017, 11am – ?? is the date for the picnic.
    • The Outreach and Missions Team will provide the meat (hamburgers & hot dogs) from our budget. Maybe a fish fry instead.
    • Team members will provide condiments.
    • Church members will be asked to provide sides and desserts.
    • Set-up to eat on the portico. Games between the portico and playground and children can utilize the playground.






TRUSTEES:  Wayne Rawls reported:

  • Church Parking Lot – Waiting on contract from Chance Construction.
  • Church Bell Repaired
  • Sanctuary TV Screens – More discussion. George Young to create a model program and present at the next trustee meeting.
  • Plants in pots for the front of Sanctuary – Working.
  • Clyde’s Maintenance Repair Activities:
    • Replaced ballast & light in Sanctuary & Fellowship Hall.
    • Removing wax from carpet in Sanctuary.
    • Maintain Ice Machine cleaning/troubleshooting
    • Replaced hvac filters and created time replacement schedule
    • Replaced a few singles on parsonage roof
  • Trustees approved upgrading Security Lighting for Parking Lot – City has replaced the three mercury vapor lights located around the parking lot, with more efficient and brighter Cobra street lights.
  • Need to check out/replace one of the balcony lights that is not working
  • Corinna reported on the Sanctuary Doors, Narthex, and Windows projects:
  • Doors have one coat of stain. Another coat is needed and then the polyurethane will be applied.
  • The Narthex – currently sanding, will apply kiltz and paint. Michele Garig will help with the painting.
  • The Sanctuary windows – Waiting on a bid from Glass Technologies out of Many, Louisiana for installing the Krinkleglas. After this bid is received, Stewart Glass out of Jasper, Texas will provide an up to date bid. His original bid for installing Krinkeglas was good for only 60 days. Met with Glass Castles out of Nacogdoches on some preliminary designs/thoughts on the stain glass panels.

METHODIST MEN:  Arlie Broadaway reported:

The Methodist Men will host an Auction on Saturday, April 1, 2017.  Items can be viewed from 9 am till 10 pm.  The auction will begin at 10 am.  Those involved will need to be at the church by 0800.  Methodist Men will begin accepting items March 29th thru March 31st  the hours between 0900 and 4:00 pm.


Our next Methodist Men Meeting will be on Monday, March 20, 2017.  We will work toward organizing the auction and the manpower needed to complete the mission.  We may need the ladies to help.  We will also discuss the events for the picnic, VBS, and UMArmy coming in the Spring and Summer.   Report Attached.


METHODIST WOMEN:  Carole Teagle reported:

  • The HISD school nurse, Cecily Bridges, spoke at the last meeting in January. She indicated there is an ongoing need for special items such as shoes, toiletries, and clothes for younger children. After a review of the ministries and projects supported financially by Methodist Women, the group chose to continue to support all of them. Plans were completed for the Choir appreciation dinner.
  • The new proposed bylaws were voted on and accepted at the February 14 meeting. The 2017 Methodist Women budget was approved. Committees were formed for the annual Rummage & Bake sale.
  • The last meeting in February included a pre-Lenten program of prayer and self-denial. Each member was asked to give a little more of herself and her time to do something good in our community. No big plans, no recognition, no big project, just do something good. Most pledged 30 minutes to an hour of time to devote to this. Rummage and Bake sale plans were finalized. A Methodist women Sunday to be held in the fall is being planned.
  • The annual Rummage Sale was held March 10th & 11th with the support of our church family and our community, it was successful. The unofficial total is $3100. Funds will be used to support our ministries and projects.

Report attached.


VIBRANT CHURCH INITIATIVE:  Katherine Knight reported:

Two of the prescriptions given in the Consultation Report have been addressed since the last Council meeting.

Prescription #2:  communication

Developing a Clear and Broad-Based Process of Communication

The pastor in consultation with the coach will select a team of 3-5 people by March 14, 2016.  The Center for Congregational Excellence will provide a communications expert to come educate and assist in structuring your communication.

ACTION – On February 25, 2017 April Canik led a very detailed, insightful workshop for several members of our congregation.

Prescription #3: Unified vision & direction

Following the affirmation of the vision statement, the pastor, in consultation with the coach, will select a vision alignment team of at least 7-9 people, by July 25, 2016 to conduct an assessment of how this congregation is structured and how they do ministry in light of the new vision.

ACTION – The first meeting of the Vision Alignment Team is scheduled for Thursday the 16th of March @ 4:30.


WORSHIP:  Charlotte North reported that new communion cloths have been ordered.  The others that were missing have been found!  The choir is trying new and different things in worship


YOUTH:  No Report


SALVATION ARMY:  George Young reported:

In February, they served:                                Returning families – 84                       New families – 5

Returning persons – 219                     New Persons – 5

Clothing – 38                                      food – 57                    gasoline – 2                 utilities – 15

Household goods – 15                                    new consultations – 5

22 volunteers worked 250.75 hours                On-going needs include pasta, cereals, canned fruits and vegetables

Report Attached




SEED PATCH:  Don North reported:

  • The Seed Patch currently has 13 students enrolled in our program. Nine are paying. Four are attending with scholarships (½ of cost is paid by scholarship and the other ½ paid by student).
  • There is $1,070 in the scholarship fund and $2100 in the checking account





  • Katherine Knight shared the following: The Conversation Continues: Q&A with the Bishop on March 16

Bishop Jones is doing live conversations via the computer.  The information and links to join Bishop Jones’ “Holy Conversations” follows:

Bishop Scott Jones will host a Facebook Live follow up conversation at 7 pm on our Facebook Page.   While a Facebook account is not needed to watch the stream, having an account allows you to comment on the video shown on February 25 in real time and interact with the Bishop.

For updates and notifications, RSVP to our Facebook event:

All are encouraged to send questions ahead or interact live to continue in holy conversation.    We are going LIVE again to answer your questions.
This event is a follow-up to our previous Holy Conversations live stream (Feb 25th live stream) in which we shared an open, loving, and peaceful conversation on the topic of human sexuality and the church.  Watch the full video of the February 25th live stream here: There is a lot of social and political division that we are hoping to address with respect and biblical guidance.     Send questions ahead via comment, tweet, or email to The stream will begin on March 16th at 7 PM. We hope to continue the conversation with you!


  • George Young informed the Church Council of the three actions items identified by the Church Council planning session held in February.
    • UMM will coordinate a/some “Tail Gate” party(ies) during the football season
    • Get a youth praise band to perform a concert here at the church (parking lot) in conjunction with the tail gate party or as a “stand alone” event – Reverend Grant Barnes will coordinate.
    • UMW will coordinate with the school nurse and the congregation what is needed for the school children such as specific clothing items (socks; etc.,) and other items (small shampoos, etc.).

There was some concern expressed concerning the “tail gate” party as to whether or not it would interfere with the concession stand proceeds needed by school organizations.


  • The outing to the movie, The Shack, is scheduled for tomorrow, Tuesday, March 14 with at least 13 people planning to attend. Will leave the church at 12 noon, the movie starts at 1:15 pm at a cost of $5/person. Will eat at Olive Garden following the movie.


The meeting was closed with prayer by Pastor Barnes


Motion to adjourn made by Charles Smith with a second by Marc Cathriner.  Motion passed.


Respectfully submitted,

Peggy Rawls

Church Council Secretary

Holy Conferencing web cast

March 14, 2017

“Holy Conversations / Tough Issues”
Live Stream: March 16

at 7:00 p.m. via Facebook Live

with Bishop Jones.

Bishop Jones will be hosting a live Q&A on March 16th at 7:00 p.m.

via Facebook Live to continue the conversation from the last live event.

To participate, you will want to “like” our Facebook page at

Please feel free to submit questions in advance to:


Behold how good and pleasant it is when the people of God dwell in unity! Psalm 133


For additional information on Holy Conferencing, click on

“The invitation is to all:” A Wesley hymn devotion for Lent

March 11, 2017

A Feature by Joe Iovino*

March 1, 2017, Ash Wednesday

This is the first in a series about hymns during Lent. Read more about musical devotions.


United Methodists are likely to sing Charles Wesley’s “Come, Sinners, to the Gospel Feast” sometime during Lent, the weeks leading up to Easter. The hymn invites everyone to receive new life in Jesus Christ.

Some people have a spiritual gift for making others feel welcome. Gifted parents make their sons and daughters’ fiancées feel part of the family on their first Easter together. Generous students and welcoming coworkers eat lunch with those who are new. Kind church members alleviate the anxiety of parents of squirming kids by offering a warm smile from across the row.

Jesus demonstrated the ability to turn a stranger into a friend. He ate with those whom others kept at arm’s length; chose a tax collector as part of his inner circle; and made Samaritans heroes in his stories. Jesus invited all to follow him, regardless of their personal history or social standing.

Lent: A season of welcome

Lent is often understood as a time that is all about us, the people who are already part of the church. We use the season to focus on our inner lives through fasting and abstinence and spend extra time in private prayer and devotion. We attend special worship services and Bible studies where we use old words like penitence that need explaining.

But Lent is also a time of welcome.

Baptism, the sacrament through which we are initiated into the Church, was a central part of the earliest celebrations of the resurrection of Jesus on Easter Sunday. Before the church formalized Lent into a liturgical season, they used the weeks before Easter to prepare converts to be welcomed into the community of faith through baptism.

In 18th century England, some people felt welcome in the church, while others did not. Righting this wrong was part of the impetus of John Wesley and the early Methodist movement.

The first Methodists were intentional about welcoming everyone. They preached where people gathered—town squares and fields near mines. In their meetinghouses, they educated children and distributed medical care to those who could not afford to see a doctor. They also visited prisons to share the gospel of Jesus Christ there.

These ministries grew out of what Wesley taught about God’s grace. He used the phrase prevenient grace to describe the love God has for everyone, even before we are aware of it (prevenient means “coming before”).

This also meant Wesley viewed the sacrament of Holy Communion differently from many of his colleagues. He began to celebrate an “open table,” which United Methodists still practice today. This means that regardless of church membership or lack of it, all who love Jesus, earnestly repent of their sin, and seek to live in peace with one another are welcome at the table where they can begin a new life of discipleship..

The invitation in song

Charles Wesley’s “Come, Sinners, to the Gospel Feast,” extends the invitation in song.

First published under the heading, “Hymn 50, The Great Supper, Luke 14:16-24” in Hymns for Those that Seek and Those that have Redemption in the Blood of Jesus Christ (Redemption Hymns 1747), the song invites us both to the communion table (see The United Methodist Hymnal #616) and to enter new life in Jesus Christ (see UMH #339). Together, the two occurrences in the hymnal use only nine of the 24 verses Wesley penned. Read Charles Wesley’s complete text here.


“Come, Sinners, to the Gospel Feast” performed by Rev. Clyde McLennan,


The scripture reference in the heading is a parable Jesus tells about many who decline an invitation to a banquet by giving a variety of excuses. Wesley as narrator begins in the role of the servant charged with making the invitation on behalf of the host:

Come, sinners, to the gospel-feast,

 Let every soul be Jesu’s guest,

 You need not one be left behind,

 For God hath bidden all mankind.


Sent by my Lord, on you I call,

The invitation is to all.

Come all the world: come, sinner, thou,

 All things in Christ are ready now. (verses 1-2)


Wesley wants to be sure we each know there is a place for us at the communion table and in life with Jesus. If anyone thinks the invitation is not for them, Wesley is clear,

Sinners my gracious Lord receives,

 Harlots, and publicans, and thieves,

 Drunkards, and all the hellish crew,

 I have a message now to you. (verse 13)


Living the song

In the verses that follow, Wesley urges us who have accepted Christ’s invitation to become servants who invite others to come to the feast and enter into this new life of discipleship. He puts these words on Jesus’ lips,

Tell them, my grace for all is free,

 They cannot be too bad for me.

Tell them, their sins are all forgiven,

 Tell every creature under heaven. (verses 17b-18a)


Wesley then closes the hymn with a reminder that this gracious invitation is also a call to live a new life in Jesus that can begin today.

This is the time, no more delay,

 This is the acceptable day,

 Come in, this moment, at his call,

 And live for him who died for all. (verse 24)

This Lent, as we seek to strengthen our inner lives in preparation for Easter, let us also be people of invitation. May we not only come to the table ourselves, but invite others to join us in a relationship with Jesus Christ. With the words of Wesley’s hymn on our lips, we open the doors of our hearts, homes, and churches to welcome all to know the love and forgiveness of God through Jesus Christ.


*Joe Iovino works for at United Methodist Communications.


Welcome to our newest members

March 5, 2017

We look forward, with God’s help,

to surrounding Carrie and Roger

with a community of love and forgiveness.


hands-glassWe will pray for them as they will pray for us!


An Invitation to Join us in Worship

February 28, 2017

Our friends and neighbors here in Sabine County are invited to join

us for an Ash Wednesday Service – Wednesday, March 1.

There will be two services;



6:00 p.m.

Our church is just down from the flashing light stop at 181 Milam Street, Hemphill.


10 ideas for a more meaningful Ash Wednesday

February 28, 2017

A Feature by Joe Iovino* February 9, 2017

Ash Wednesday is an important day in the church calendar.

It marks the beginning of Lent, a season of preparation for the celebration of Easter.

This holy day is not a holiday from work, school, or most other obligations, so if we are not intentional in our observance it is likely to resemble any ordinary Wednesday.

To help us find ways to remember the holy in the midst of our routines—something we should strive for every day—we offer some ideas to consider.

1. Worship

Many congregations offer worship services on Ash Wednesday. In a typical United Methodist service, expect times of prayer, singing, confession and pardon, a sermon, and the imposition of ashes. The somber tone helps us reflect on our own mortality and the need for us to confess our sins.

If your congregation does not offer Ash Wednesday worship, Find-A-Church will help you locate United Methodist churches that do.

2. Serve

On Ash Wednesday, we remember that we are part of the entire human family, making it a great day to serve others. See if you can serve a meal during your lunch hour, or take a personal day to volunteer with a local Habitat for Humanity project.

Your service, however, doesn’t have to be with an organized group. You might instead choose to use your lunch hour to hand out sandwiches and sports drinks to the homeless in your city. You could also mow a neighbor’s lawn, or shovel the snow from their driveway.

3. Give

We encourage you to give to your congregation, the United Methodist Committee on Relief, and other organizations that serve others. Your generosity can also be creative.

Leave your server an above-and-beyond tip—maybe a 100% gratuity. Buy the coffee of the person behind you in line. Put money in the instrument case of a street musician. Purchase a paper from the homeless woman on the corner. Find ways to bless others with that which God entrusts you.

4. Abstain/fast

Giving something up for Lent” is a common practice for many Christians. Often, we give up a favorite food or try to kick a bad habit during Lent. Ash Wednesday, the first day of Lent, is when this begins, but don’t confine yourself to food or habits.

Can you abstain from gossip or complaining for Ash Wednesday? What about defensive attitudes, fear, or anxiety? You probably won’t be perfect at this, but being mindful of times when these attitudes begin to take hold of your day can lead you to prayer.

5. Pray your day

Rather than setting aside special time for prayer, pray your day. Pray for the drivers of the vehicles and fellow mass transit passengers with whom you share your commute. Pray as you pass the hospital, police station, and government offices. Lift up the trash collector and the mail carrier. Pray as you write a letter, email, or Facebook post to an old friend. Offer sentence prayers throughout the day thanking God for your coworkers.

6. Make something

Some of us reflect and pray best when our hands our busy, making today a great day to create something. Get back in the workshop and spend time cutting, sanding, and gluing. Sit at a piano and let the music flow. Take out the paints, glue, clay, and other supplies to create a work of art.

As you create, be mindful of our Creator who longs to be in relationship with you.

7. Be still

Others find meaning in stillness. Try a practice like centering prayer by lighting a candle and pausing before the presence of God. Take a yoga class—some churches and spiritual directors offer holy yoga. Enjoy a cup of coffee on your deck. Listen for the crackling wick, the wind, the birds, the voice of God.

8. Clean something

Ash Wednesday is a good day to get a jump on your spring cleaning. Spend an hour with the junk drawer, that cabinet at work, or organizing the files on your hard drive.

As you remove things you no longer need and reorder those you do, be mindful of the ways God “cleans” us. The Bible tells us “As far as east is from west—that’s how far God has removed our sin from us” (Psalm 103:12, CEB). As we get things in order, we remember that Jesus gave his life so that we might be free from our sins and know new life.

9. Burn something

When you finish cleaning, take some of the papers you no longer need to the fireplace, light them, and watch them burn to ashes.

The ashes our pastors smudge on us during Ash Wednesday worship come from the burning of last year’s Palm Sunday palms. They remind us of our mortality and call us to repentance—seeking God’s forgiveness for our sin, both the things we have and have not done.

The ashes you’ll generate in the fireplace are not the same, but can serve as a similar reminder that your sins are forgiven. As the smoke rises up the chimney, know your prayers and life in Christ are rising to God as well.

10. Forgive and seek forgiveness

As we pray for God’s grace, we should also seek forgiveness from those we have wronged. Ash Wednesday is a great time to go to those you have hurt.