FUMC partners with HISD

July 21, 2016


First United Methodist Church Hemphill

            A limited time of service but one of the most rewarding you can possibly imagine!

This will be our 3rd year of providing Helping Hands in the HISD cafeteria during lunch. The elementary students are served lunch from 10:45 to 11:30. We arrive at the elementary office about 10:35 and sign in with Karen Dougherty at the desk. Once in the cafeteria, we help guide the students through the line, helping to keep their lunch trays from spilling, help open milk cartons, ketchup packets, etc. The very youngest children often need help emptying their lunch trays. We help guide the children as they exit the cafeteria & help establish a procedure for them to follow year long.

We give and get lots of smiles . . . not only from the children but from the teacher aides and the cafeteria employees. We are not expected to discipline any child. The employees will do that if necessary.

Lunches will be served beginning August 22 @ 10:45. We try to have church members on site Monday, August 22 through the Tuesday after Labor Day, Sept. 6. That’s only 11 days of service! Serving as part of this wonderful ministry does NOT require you to be @ the cafeteria daily. You will be able to serve as you are able when you are able.

For the safety and protection of the children we must complete a background check.

Donna Broadaway has the Hemphill ISD Volunteer Handbook in the church office.

Monday – Thursday return your volunteer application to Ms. Barnett in the Administration Office, directly across from our church. You will need to have your driver’s license with you.


Invitation to a picnic

July 21, 2016

You are invited to a picnic!


UMArmy at work in Sabine County

July 15, 2016

The long-term vision of the U.M. Army is to see every youth and young adult

in the United States presented with the opportunity to experience U.M. ARMY.

Host church for Sabine County was First United Methodist Church of Hemphill.

Some of the materials needed were visible in the lay-down yard of the church’s parking lot.




U.M. ARMY youth and adults work together on small construction projects such as porches, stairs and handicap access ramps. Teams also do a variety of home maintenance such as handrails, yard work, painting, repair of leaky roofs, windows and doors.

Several teams are shown creating porches that were needed.

team.greenEsmall.porch teamGREENd.porch teamREDa.porch teamREDc.stained

United Methodist Action Reach-out Mission by Youth provides an opportunity for youth

and adults to experience Christian growth through service to others.


Participants combine their strengths and resources to meet home repair and maintenance needs for low-income, elderly and disabled homeowners who are physically or financially unable to make needed repairs themselves.

teamgreenEramp teamREDc.ramp

Because we view our hosts as partners in mission, our outreach is your outreach.

Communities are transformed as we work together.

Day One’s work included . . .

July 12, 2016


U.M. ARMY stands for United Methodist Action Reach-Out Mission by Youth.

U.M. ARMY’s mission is:

“To provide Christ-centered missions that serve people in need and  promote spiritual growth and leadership development in youth and young adults.”



Individual participants and church groups combine their strengths with those of other groups to meet home repair and maintenance needs of those unable to help themselves.


Welcome to the UMArmy!

July 7, 2016


United Methodist Action Reach-out Mission by Youth (U.M. ARMY)

Father God, we thank You for bringing these youth and their sponsors to Sabine County. We pray that lives are changed, both the lives of the volunteers and the lives of the people they will serve. We thank You for all the talents that You have given to the youth. We thank You for the dedication to service of the adult sponsors. We pray that each participant carries forward the mission in sincerity and love, cooperating humbly with their fellow workers. May the Lord continue to richly bless each UMArmy participant. In Jesus’ name. Amen.


Sunday, July 10 UM Army arrives in afternoon    Welcome to Sabine County and First United Methodist Church!

UM Army dinner provided by UMW, 5:30pm

Monday, July 11

UM Army dinner provided by UMM, 6pm

Tuesday, July 12

UM Army, dinner provided by the Agape SS Class, 6pm

Wednesday, July 13

UM Army, dinner provided by a FUMC family, 6pm @ Red Hill Lake

Thursday, July 14

UM Army, customer appreciation night; church members are invited to attend worship.

Friday, July 15

UM Army, dinner provided by Mark Griffin, 6:30pm

Saturday, July 16

UM Army, Clean-up, pack- up and depart

We thank you for your service and pray for your safe travels home.

may the Lord

Surf Shack worship presentation

June 19, 2016

vbs2016.worshipSome of the Surf Shack participants shared music, including the theme song, Shine Bright, during worship.

Surf Shack VBS mission project

June 19, 2016

vbs.mission2016Miss Donna challenged the Surf Shack attendees to gather enough nutritional snacks for 50 bags.

The participants stand in front of 75 S.A.N.D. bags. Awesome!!!


The S.A.N.D. bags (Snacks and Nutritional Delights) will be distributed by the Rainbow Room and our local Salvation Army, ensuring that Sabine County children will be able to have tasty, healthy meals.

The children who attended Surf Shack VBS learned that Jesus invites us to participate in the amazing experience of helping others. . .  and they did just that!


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